Safeguard your heart and wallet: Valentine's Day scam awareness

Region: Europe
Feb 8, 2024, 11:12:34 AM Published By Wirex Team

Guide Valentine's Day is near, but along with the romantic vibes comes a surge in scams. Protect yourself and your loved ones by staying informed about common Valentine's Day scams.

From fake online profiles to phishing emails, scammers are ready to exploit the season of love.

Read on to discover how to spot and avoid these scams while optimising your online safety.

Online dating scam

Stay cautious when swiping right. Online dating platforms are prime hunting grounds for scammers. Watch out for red flags like overly perfect profiles or immediate requests for money. Keep your heart and your wallet secure by never sending money to someone you haven't met in person.

Phishing emails and websites

Don't let a scammer steal your sensitive information. Be wary of unsolicited emails or ads offering unbelievable deals on Valentine's gifts. Verify website legitimacy before making purchases and avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments.

Fake charities: spread love, not scams

Beware of fake charities preying on your generosity during this season. Research organisations thoroughly before donating and consider donating directly through their official websites to ensure your contribution reaches those in need.

Gift card scams

While gift cards make great presents, they're also a favourite tool for scammers. Never make payments via gift cards in response to unsolicited requests, especially from strangers.

Romance scams: love at first sight or a scammer's delight?

Be wary of individuals professing love too quickly, especially if they start asking for money or favours. Trust your instincts and take your time getting to know someone before sharing personal information or making commitments.

Protect yourself with these tips:

  • Stay sceptical: Question unexpected requests for money or personal information, especially from unknown sources.
  • Verify identities: Ask questions and verify details provided by individuals you meet online before trusting them.
  • Guard your information: Keep sensitive details like your full name, address, and financial information private until you're sure you can trust the other person.


This Valentine's Day, prioritise love and security. By staying informed and cautious, you can enjoy the romance of the season while keeping scams at bay. Protect your heart and your finances from scammers while spreading love to those who truly deserve it.