Satoshi Nakamoto's Legacy: Changing the World, One Bitcoin at a Time

Region: Europe
Apr 12, 2024, 9:53:20 AM Published By Wirex Team

Today's episode pays tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto's birthday, reflecting on the ongoing mystery surrounding the individual or group behind Bitcoin's creation.

Together with Richard Levin, VP at Cryptonews, we discussed how Bitcoin has transformed the world of finance and considered what its future might hold amidst this intrigue.

Points covered:

  • Theories and rumours surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto's identity
  • Debate over the implications of not knowing Nakamoto's identity
  • Decentralised decision-making in the Bitcoin community
  • Influence of Nakamoto's legacy on blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies

...and more!

Host: Lianna Adams, Founder of Impactful Artistry, Web3 advocate