Send EUR in seconds with SEPA Instant!

Region: Europe
Jun 8, 2023, 9:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team
  • Discover SEPA Instant in the Wirex app and effortlessly transfer euros between Wirex and your bank account
  • Enjoy instant bank transfers, unique IBAN and BIC, and easy fund deposits
  • Learn how to add EUR via SEPA Instant today

SEPA Instant is live in the Wirex app, which means you can instantly transfer euros between Wirex and your bank account.

What is SEPA Instant?

SEPA Instant payments allow quick and easy EUR transactions in just a few seconds, at any time. Unlike many other payment systems, it aims to revolutionise the speed of payments since it doesn't depend on an individual account provider's underlying payment clearing and settlement arrangements.

How is SEPA Instant used in Wirex?

Want to deposit euros? All you have to do is activate a EUR account in the Wirex app to access your very own IBAN and BIC. You can then use these to send funds straight from your bank!

Need to transfer euros from Wirex to your bank account? No problem – SEPA Instant lets you do so in seconds, to any bank that accepts euro payments.

Like the sound of SEPA Instant? Here’s what else it has to offer:

  • Instant bank transfers between Wirex and your bank account
  • A unique IBAN and BIC for depositing funds
  • A way of adding funds to your Wirex account from popular payment platforms
  • Ultimate control over adding and withdrawing funds to and from Wirex

How can you add EUR to Wirex via SEPA Instant?

  1. Open the Wirex app, go to 'Accounts' on the Dashboard, and open or activate your EUR account
  2. Locate both your IBAN and BIC in the Account Details section
  3. Head over to the bank account that you wish to transfer Euros to Wirex from, and open the page where you can make a payment
  4. Head back to the Wirex app and press the rectangular 'copy' button to the right of each of your IBAN and BIC details, and input them into your bank account payment screen

Your EUR will then be sent from your bank to your Wirex account!

Watch the video below for more info: