Stellar Blockchain Launches on Wirex Wallet

Region: Europe
Feb 1, 2023, 12:36:50 PM Published By Wirex Team
  • Wirex Wallet becomes the world’s first non-custodial wallet without seed phrase vulnerability to launch the Stellar blockchain 
  • XLM and USDC on Stellar will be available from today in the Wirex Wallet

We've become the world’s first non-custodial wallet without seed phrase vulnerability to launch the Stellar blockchain! The addition will see XLM and USDC on Stellar added to the Wirex Wallet. 

What does the integration with Stellar involve?

Today’s integration adds to the eight other blockchains already available on the Wirex Wallet, including BTC, ETH and AVAX. With over 5 million users of the Wirex custodial app, we launched the Wirex Wallet in December 2020. It offers users complete control over their cryptocurrencies and NFTs, utilising multi-party computation (MPC) technology without seed phrase vulnerability to address security concerns with traditional crypto wallets. An unparalleled user interface allows built-in cross-chain swaps and direct access to popular DeFi protocols. 

Why did we add XLM and USDC?

With over 100+ tokens available to buy, exchange and sell in the platform, XLM and USDC were strategically chosen as the next listings on the Wirex Wallet. USDC is a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US dollar with one of the largest market shares, whilst XLM is the native coin to Stellar used for transaction fees within Stellar blockchain. 

Wirex and Stellar's Partnership

Wirex and Stellar have been partnered for some time, sharing a goal of democratising access to crypto. Together, the two companies developed insightful research reports into crypto user behaviour to understand needs better, whilst in October last year, Wirex announced the launch of USDC on Stellar on their app on-stage at the Stellar Development Foundation’s Meridian event in Rome. 

What does our CEO and Co-Founder have to say?

Pavel Matveev said: “We’re delighted to work with Stellar to develop another world’s first across our platform, solidifying our reputation as an innovator. Integrating this complex non-EVM blockchain is a huge milestone for us, and is important in enabling more customers to access the benefits of more cryptos in a trusted and secure environment within the Wirex Wallet.”