The first rule of Wirex club

Region: Europe
Jan 30, 2019, 3:13:30 PM Published By Wirex Team
Calling all Wirex fans. Are you an active part of the crypto community? Have friends and family asked if you earn commission thanks to your constant Wirex chat? Do you leap on new products and features like a kid at Christmas? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you could be one of our very first Wirex Community Champions. Your support has been an integral part of our success over the years and were incredibly proud of the whole Wirex community. We value what you have to say about the platform, products, features and how we do things which is why we created the Community Champions programme. Its our way of giving something back to you.

The perks

As a Community Champion, youll become a key part of the team.
  • Get exclusive access to Wirex events, including product launches and networking evenings.
  • Take part in beta-tests or brainstorming sessions.
  • Work alongside the Wirex team to help develop our latest products and services.
  • Meet and network with fellow Community Champions and crypto enthusiasts, just like you.
  • Learn about upcoming products and features before anyone else.

Your mission

Youll be immersed in all things tech, cryptocurrency, blockchain and of course, Wirex. Community Champions will work alongside core members of the Wirex team. Well also need your help testing new products and services, so you can share your opinions on what you believe will make us even better. With your help, well take Wirex to the next level.

Champions in the making

Were looking for members who are passionate about Wirex - you love the way Wirex improves your life, and youve got ideas about how to make Wirex even better. Well give you an exclusive forum to discuss the latest tech with fellow crypto enthusiasts and the opportunity to get behind the scenes of one of the most pioneering companies in the industry. If youre an active member of our community, you contribute to discussion on social channels and try out new products as soon as theyre released, we want you!