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USA - Wirex needs you

Region: Europe
Nov 30, 2018, 2:57:03 PM Published By Wirex Team
Calling our all-American Wirex followers, we're on the hunt for eager beta testers to trial our new streamlined on-boarding process in the United States. Well soon be testing our market-leading offering on American soil for the first time. Wed like to know your thoughts - what you like, what you dont like and if you detect any bugs that may need our attention before the launch. Successful candidates will be given access to the testing programme where they can trial the new features before we launch them to the masses. If you live in any of the following states and currently have a registered Wirex account, wed like to hear from you!
  • Nevada
  • Alaska
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Massachusetts
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
If youre interested in helping us out and you fit the criteria above, apply now! Well come back to you with more details as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you all and to having you involved in the first steps of Wirex USA! Don't forget to follow us onTwitter,Facebook,InstagramorTelegramto stay up to date with all of our latest news, products and features.