Vote for the Wirex App and Wirex Wallet on Magic Square

Region: Europe
Jun 1, 2023, 9:02:44 AM Published By Wirex Team
  • Help Wirex join Magic Square's Web3 dApp community by voting for the Wirex app and Wirex Wallet 
  • Get rewarded with Karma Points and unlock amazing rewards 
  • Register now and start voting! 

Wirex are taking a big step within Web3 in the hope of being added to Magic Square, and we need your help!  

On the 1st June, the Wirex app and Wirex Wallet app will start validation on Magic Square’s store in an effort to be added to their Web3 dApp community. During the validation phase, users can vote for our apps to help us join the Magic Store permanently! 

What is Magic Square? 

Magic Square is a discovery and engagement platform for the world of Web3, blockchain, and crypto apps – think of it like the ultimate Web3 app store. Their aim is to use a DAO mechanism to create a secure and trustworthy store environment for users, giving access to the best, community-approved Web3 apps. 

Every application listed on the Magic Store is validated by a passionate community of Web3 users to ensure that only the best, most reliable projects are available to users. 

What does validation mean? 

The only way that Wirex can be listed on the Magic Square store is through votes on the platform. That means that for two weeks from the 1st June, the Wirex app and Wirex Wallet app will be ‘under validation’, meaning that you will be able to vote to have us listed permanently. 

Why should you vote for Wirex? 

We’re on a mission to become the ultimate ‘banking alternative for web’ - combining our best-in-class technology and user interface to give users an unparalleled way to manage their funds. So we want you to help spread the word about us and vote for the Wirex Wallet and Wirex app on Magic Square. 

Besides this, you also get rewarded by Magic Square for any actions and votes you make with Karma Points. You can then convert these points into amazing rewards, and unlock access to epic giveaways, airdrops, exclusive bonuses, and hot offers. 

How can you vote? 

Anyone can be a validator and cast a vote for any app that is displayed on the platform, and it’s quick and easy too: 

1. Register for a Magic Store account on this link using your EVM wallet 

2. Verify your email and choose a unique username 

3. Go to “Project Validation”, choose the Wirex app or Wirex Wallet project and hit the green "Vote" button. Or follow these links to find the landing pages for the Wirex app and Wirex Wallet.

4. Start earning Karma Point rewards! 

Register now so you can start voting!