We’ve Introduced Top-Up by Apple Pay & Google Pay

Region: Europe
Dec 6, 2022, 10:24:42 AM Published By Wirex Team
  • We’ve partnered with Primer to offer more top-up methods 
  • Today’s launch includes Apple Pay & Google Pay available to customers globally 
  • In the future, we’ll work with Primer to introduce more top-up methods 

Buying crypto just got quicker, easier and a LOT more convenient. You can now top-up using Apple Pay or Google Pay in app and deposit cryptocurrency or traditional currencies in a matter of minutes. 

We’re working with Primer, the world’s first payments and commerce automation platform, so you can easily and seamlessly top up your Wirex account funds using multiple payment methods, starting with Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Available globally, this gives customers more flexibility and choice to top-up their Wirex card however they want, alongside our other already existing top-up methods such as instant bank transfer and debit/credit card (depending on where you live).  

Once you’ve added funds, you can either quickly exchange them into crypto or traditional currency at exclusive rates, or spend them with your Wirex card to earn up to 8% cashback! Now, buying and spending with crypto is more convenient than ever!

Moving forward, we’re planning on growing this partnership and adding even more top-up methods for customers across the world.