What it Takes to be a Woman in Crypto

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Nov 2, 2020, 5:32:57 PM Published By Wirex Team

Technological breakthroughs are interesting in and of themselves. However, what matters most is how they are leveraged and the impact they can have on our world. This article is for all women out there, including those not in the crypto or blockchain space so I feel it’s important, even briefly, to explain the concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Blockchain is a decentralised digital ledger that can accept input of data from many users, but is inherently resistant to modifications of this data. The secure nature of this technology makes it widely-sought after with countless applications across many industries worldwide including that of cryptocurrency. These are forms of digital or virtual currency designed to function as a medium of exchange, just like traditional currencies such as euro or yen. Many of these cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for example, are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology that I touched on previously.

Cryptocurrency can be confusing if not explained effectively and women can definitely change this! We have the natural ability to present information in a succinct way that the public can understand and connect with. If a business has an amazing product but is unable to market this to the public, the company will not succeed in selling that product. Likewise, in order for crypto to become widely adopted, it must first be understood across all demographics and this is something that can be actioned by women. Crypto needs women’s community-building skills as we are natural community builders and relish using communication and community to make an impact, especially on social media.

Comments such as "You don’t have what it takes. You don’t belong. You aren’t good enough." may be what is keeping you and many other women from exploring the financial sector, and more specifically, the hot new arena of cryptocurrency. The truth is, however, that the crypto industry needs more women and offers great potential for the future. Gender should not be the reason anyone hesitates to explore the world of digital currency, and such feelings will only continue to stall progress in breaking down industry barriers for the benefit of women.

Even though crypto is traditionally male-dominated, some women have already been making waves in the industry and their efforts continue to break down the gender barriers rife within the industry. Without women, there is no balance. When people ask me, “Why do you think there’s not a lot of women in crypto?”, I say, “Actually, there are - they’re just not given the same level of exposure or recognition.” That's why most of my events always have a segment aimed at empowering women and youth through blockchain.

“Women need to be recognised. The youth are the leaders of tomorrow”. This is my advocacy.

It’s not hard to foster more diversity. If we want to see women in power, let’s help each other create wealth and redeploy that wealth into helping other women grow amazing businesses and profiles. The takeaway - bringing more women into blockchain and crypto will balance the gender ratio so desperately needed, allowing the industry we love to reap the benefits of hard work done by both, men and women. Broader perspectives contributing to better problem solving, why not? Gender balance in every industry is essential and must be our number one priority, but without fight and commitment to the cause, it will elude us all.

My voice and my position are empowering me to help eradicate the gender gap that will help us reach our true potential as a more inclusive industry, and a more inclusive society.

Written by Myrtle Ramos, Founder of Block Tides

Being an expert in the crypto field, we gave Myrtle 60 seconds to tell us as many cryptocurrencies as she could - very impressive! Check it out below: