What’s it like to be working in crypto amidst war?

Region: Europe
Sep 22, 2022, 9:46:23 AM Published By Wirex Team

On February 24th, Russia’s government invaded Ukraine causing the first full-scale war after WW2. Many people might be wondering – ‘how can people work and stay productive during a war?’

To answer that question, we’ve reached out to our female colleagues from Wirex’s largest office in Ukraine, and collected their stories. Anabella and Kateryna stayed in Ukraine whilst Anastasia, Daria and Diana were forced to move abroad. And yet, they all share a common goal – to continue developing their careers no matter what.

How has the war affected careers?

Some of our employees found it difficult adjusting to new realities:

Anastasia: I was promoted to Team Lead just before the war, so I had to deal with new realities in every direction. But work has helped me to manage it.

Kateryna: Luckily, I’m able to remain professional and use work as a distraction from everything going on, but it’s still sometimes hard to concentrate on tasks because of all the shocking news.

At the same time, Anabella explained how she managed to continue working throughout the war as she was lucky to avoid life under the military occupation.

Daria said her motivation period fell during the first months of the war, and time seemed to speed up and slow down at the same time:

The war forced me to adapt quickly, come up with many unconventional ideas and be a mentor for the team; there was tremendous growth in my management skills.

Diana joined the Wirex family amidst the war and said: When the war started, I was still working at my previous job so the decision to change workplace amidst the ongoing events was quite risky. But I'm happy to have joined Wirex and grateful to my colleagues for my smooth onboarding process.

How can workers maintain productivity?

Ukrainians are now forced to find the right balance between maintaining their productivity at work, whilst living in a new reality with constant air raid sirens, worries about their loved ones and adapting to living in a new country.

Some of our employees find that distractions are key to staying productive at work.

Anabella: I'm trying to distract myself from the news, which helps me stay sane. Dog videos cheer me up and help with my mood so I can be productive. And when I need to focus on a task, I use the Pomodoro technique for time-management.

Diana: I've been constantly moving from one place to another, which was both stressful and frustrating. During the day I keep away from the news channels, and I always keep snacks around my laptop because good food makes me happy and productive. Once I'm finished, I take my dog for a walk to let my eyes and mind have a break.

Kateryna: I start my day with sports and. try to go outside for dinner to change my setting. And the last one – I turn the aeroplane mode on my phone during working hours.

Similarly, Daria says that she is motivated by knowing that her work benefits people, but always remembers to take plenty of breaks.

Have any opportunities arisen in your career since the war started?

Anabella and Anastasia were happy that their team had a chance to accomplish new tasks including the launch of the UA Fundraiser campaign to donate to charities helping Ukrainians.

Daria: Due to the rapid development of soft skills as we worked remotely, I improved as a Manager and cross-functional coordinator.

Diana: Firstly, a new job as I joined Wirex after the war started. Secondly, although I’ve been working in the fintech sector for 3 years, crypto has never been a major focus. Now I’m happy I have a chance to dive deeper into this space. Thirdly, my responsibilities; working in PR is exciting and fun as you've got unlimited opportunities to create and share your ideas.