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Why am I being asked for a memorable word?

Region: Europe
Nov 29, 2018, 3:10:47 PM Published By Wirex Team
To help us to keep your Wirex account extra-safe, weve added another layer of security to the setup process. From Friday 30th November, the memorable word feature will be activated for all of our new and existing users globally.

What is a memorable word?

A memorable word is a user-generated layer of security that helps us to ensure that your account is only accessible by you. It is set up alongside your password and pin - it allows us to recognise you when you login to Wirex, or to confirm your identity in case you need to recover your password. You will also be prompted to enter it when you register a new device on your Wirex account. Memorable words (or something similar) are already widely used in most large financial institutions.

How do I choose my word?

As the name suggests, your memorable word needs to be easy to remember, but not easy to guess by someone else. It is case sensitive and must be between 6-20 characters long. To make it a little easier, well ask you to set up a hint that will appear as a prompt before you enter characters of the memorable word. We recommend that you create a unique word thats exclusive to Wirex and that you dont duplicate a password that you use for any of your other accounts or devices, such as your mothers maiden name or the name of your first school. Also avoid anything that can be easily researched, such as your middle name, age or address. Get creative - use your favourite food, where you had your first kiss or your preferred type of exercise. N.B. You cant use the same word for your hint and memorable word.


You can setup your memorable word in just three steps:
  1. Make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Wirex app. To check this, go to the App Store or Google Play and update if necessary.
  2. Login to your Wirex account.
  3. To complete login, you will be prompted to create your memorable word and hint.
Dont forget that if you need to recover your password, youll never be asked to write the memorable word in full. Well only ask you to verify certain characters e.g. please enter the third, fourth and eleventh characters of your memorable word. If youd like to reset your memorable word, contact or speak to us via the live chat. For more information about upcoming products and releases, follow us onTwitter, Facebook, Instagram or Telegram.