Wirex Features for Every Crypto Mum

Region: Europe
Mar 19, 2023, 4:14:19 PM Published By Wirex Team
  • Celebrate being a crypto mum with Wirex this Mother’s Day 
  • Discover the perfect Wirex products for your needs, whether you're a crypto curious, savvy, guru, or advocate mum 

Crypto mums – we see you! Not only do you hustle and bustle and ensure everything goes smoothly for the family, but you also have the time to stay ahead of the market. Superhero!   

To celebrate you, we would like to offer some help and guide you towards the perfect Wirex products for your needs. So, which type of crypto mum are you?  

Crypto Curious Mum

This mum is just beginning to learn about the world of crypto and eager to explore the potential of this emerging technology. She is open to learning more and experimenting with different coins and exchanges.  

Wirex recommends: starting with a low-risk savings tool: X-Accounts. Earn up to 20% APR interest on selected currencies - simply upgrade your price plan and boost your tier to unlock the highest rate! PLUS earn up to 6% extra interest with X-Accounts Plus when you deposit your funds for the next 30 days.  

Crypto Savvy Mum

This mum has a good understanding of the crypto markets and is comfortable navigating the digital landscape. She is confident in her ability to make wise investments and knows the risks and rewards associated with trading.  

Wirex recommends: DUO - our dual investment tool with which you can earn up to 400% APR.  

Crypto Guru Mum

This mum is a true expert in the world of crypto. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of the technology, markets, exchanges, and wallets. She is always willing to provide guidance and advice to other mums who are interested in investing in crypto.  

Wirex recommends: Multiply is the one for you - our new feature lets you loan a portion of your assets to predict the future price of a currency, whether that’s higher or lower. You can choose parameters to increase the value of the loan, and thus potential returns and risk! And if you want to put that advice to good use, join our Discord channel!

Crypto Advocate Mum

This mum is passionate about the power of crypto and is committed to spreading the word about its potential to her friends and family. She is a vocal supporter, often attending conferences and engaging in conversations about the future of crypto.  

Wirex recommends: A bit of everything – to advocate for things you have to know them. Risk level should always be a personal decision, but a good rule of thumb is to maintain 80% of your assets in Wirex’s passive earning X-Accounts, whilst allocating 20% in higher risk investments such as DUO and Wirex Multiply.  And once you’ve tried them, feel free to share your opinions with our community on Discord