Wirex Implements Corlytics' Clausematch platform to bolster its compliance framework

Region: Europe
Feb 14, 2024, 4:26:47 PM Published By Wirex Team

Wirex is excited to announce the adoption of Corlytics' Clausematch platform to bolster its compliance framework.

By integrating Clausematch into its operations, Wirex can now automate and streamline its policy management processes. This integration enables Wirex to stay informed in real-time about regulatory changes, dynamically manage compliance workflows, and maintain a transparent audit trail to efficiently meet evolving regulatory requirements.

In addition to utilising Corlytics' policy management editor, Wirex is leveraging the policy portal feature to facilitate the easy sharing of essential information within relevant documentation.

"The Corlytics’ Clausematch solution enables us to efficiently and dynamically maintain excellent levels of governance across Wirex including ensuring our policies, procedures and frameworks remain up-to-date and aligned to the expected standards of our regulators. In addition, we need a technological solution to help guarantee that our governance can keep up with our goals for expansion as we seek to do business in new jurisdictions", Chet Shah, Global Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Wirex commented.

This capability allows Wirex to quickly adjust controls to ensure ongoing compliance. By incorporating Corlytics' Clausematch platform into its compliance practices, Wirex underscores its dedication to maintaining the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

"We're delighted to start our collaboration with such a fast-growing business who are also in the evolving crypto space, and help them on the expansion journey. Policies and procedures comprise the bulk for creating and maintaining the culture of compliance in any organisation. As Wirex expands, having a compliance culture mapped out and integrated into policies, procedures, and controls will guarantee its competitive advantage. The implementation of our solution is a major step towards accomplishing the expansion and growth goals", Evgeny Likhoded, President at Corlytics added.

This initiative not only enhances Wirex's operational efficiency but also reaffirms its commitment to providing secure and compliant payment solutions for its customers.