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Wirex payment cards are now available in Europe

Region: Europe
May 17, 2018, 11:14:30 AM Published By Wirex Team
If youre an EEA resident whos new to Wirex, get ready. Youre about to see something special. If youre not and youre a seasoned Wirex user, you already know whats coming. As of today, the Wirex payment card is available to order! As an EEA customer, you can now spend in-store, online or make ATM withdrawals in EUR, GBP or USD just like you would with a traditional account. Order yours now! But, wait. There's more. Here are some features that make it more than just your average payment card.

If youre into travel

  • Theyre available in EUR, GBP or USD
  • Load your GBP card by direct transfer from your bank
  • The GBP account comes with its very own account number and sort code

If youre in a hurry

  • The card is contactless. Spend on the go!

If youre security conscious...

  • Freeze the card in-app if you lose it
  • Instantly defrost if you find it
  • Advanced card security with chip & pin verification
And now introducing our newest and most exclusive feature: the Wirex Cryptoback rewards program. Whenever you spend in-store with your Wirex payment card, youll earn 0.5% rewards in Bitcoin. You can spend your digital cash by instantly exchanging it in-app to GBP, EUR or USD. If you still need convincing The card order and delivery is free! But hurry, its for a limited time only. Not ordered yours yet? Click here to order your card right now! But, don't forget. Before you can get your hands on the card you will have to verify your Wirex account. Click here to login and complete a few simple verification steps. Get your photo ID ready it only takes a few minutes. Verify me now