Wirex takes big steps to keep your money safe from Dark Web and money mules

Region: Europe
Jan 3, 2024, 9:46:29 AM Published By Wirex Team

In a recent update, Wirex has significantly enhanced its security measures to counter Dark Web activities and potential threats from money mule schemes.  

The integration of ZeroFox's advanced Dark Web Monitoring tool into Wirex's system, powered by a combination of human and artificial intelligence, allows for real-time scrutiny of the Dark Web. This seamless integration provides us with detailed alerts about potential threats, enabling quick responses to incidents and ensuring the security of user accounts and transactions. 

A significant point of this security upgrade is the fight against money mule accounts, a persistent concern in the financial sector. The enhanced system excels at identifying and responding to suspicious account activities, thereby reducing the risk of financial fraud and fortifying the overall security of user transactions. 

Pavel Matveev, CEO & Co-founder of Wirex, commented: "It is a significant step forward in our continuous commitment to improving online security. The cutting-edge technology offered by ZeroFox has played a crucial role in strengthening our defenses, especially in combating the rise of the money mule accounts. This has reinforced our standing as a reliable financial platform." 

Wirex's integration of a Dark Web Monitoring tool, as a complement to existing measures, underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to security. 

As a regulated financial institution, we prioritise compliance with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations to uphold financial integrity and security. We place a high emphasis on securing user accounts through a robust verification process, safeguarding against unauthorised access and potentially fraudulent activities. 

Apart from that, we actively collaborate with law enforcement agencies, sharing intelligence to combat financial and cybercrimes, thereby contributing to an enhanced security landscape. 

In addition to security measures, Wirex remains committed to customer education. By providing educational content, we empower users with knowledge about security and responsible financial practices. 

Together with ZeroFox’s advanced solution, Wirex is setting new standards in financial security, effectively tackling the challenges posed by the Dark Web and mule accounts in the digital finance landscape.