Workplace Culture 2023 and Beyond

Region: Europe
Jan 6, 2023, 10:32:48 AM Published By Wirex Team
  • Workplace culture is the principles of a business
  • The workplace culture has many benefits to employers, employees and customers
  • Since COVID-19 and with more remote working, it's been even more integral to maintain these qualities

Over the past few years, businesses have had a lot to contend with. COVID-19 threatened a lot of companies around the world, and accelerated some trends that already existed, such as remote working. Throughout all of this, one thing businesses could never lose sight of is the importance of culture. Culture impacts everything we do, which is why a positive culture and corporate values are vital. 

What is workplace culture? 

Workplace culture consists of the ideologies and principles of your organisation. It is the environment you create for your employees, and the sum of your behaviours, interactions, values, attitudes, and traditions. 

Why is workplace culture important? 

A positive culture is important because: 

  • It helps you attract the best talent 
  • It enables you to hold onto your greatest employees 
  • It boosts employee engagement  

People want to work in a positive environment with a strong workplace culture. Employees are also more engaged because they work in an environment that evolves and shifts based on the attitudes and needs of the workforce. A toxic workplace is avoided because mechanisms are in place to resolve issues before they manifest.  

What things impact workplace culture? 

There are many factors that influence workplace culture, including: 

  1. A sense of belonging where everyone feels included  
  2. The ability to contribute to a business’s vision, mission, and ultimate success 
  3. Flexibility, i.e. enabling employees to work from home or amend their hours 
  4. Equitability, i.e. treating everyone equally and fairly  
  5. A growth mindset where employees are encouraged to develop and enrich their contribution  

The importance of corporate values and vision 

Virtually every successful business has strong values that are shared and lived by the majority of the team, because strong corporate values align your team and help them to make decisions.  

Corporate values also help to keep your team more motivated and engaged. When team members know what their values are, they know what behaviour is acceptable and understand what is needed from them. 

Not only this, but with the right vision and values in place, you’re more likely to hire the right people. You can develop a loyal customer base as well, as employees will be able to communicate your values to customers.  

How having multiple generations can affect workplace culture  

Each generation grows up in a different context, which means they can have different work expectations. Consequently, having multiple generations can be positive and negative.  

Multiple generations can share their experience and skills to facilitate growth, but different generations may struggle to understand one another and value things differently. This is why shared values and a shared vision is a must.  

Don’t underestimate the importance of company culture  

So, if you have clear shared values and beliefs and you work hard to create a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment, you will give your business the foundation it needs to thrive.