X-plain Cryptoback™ rewards to me!

Region: Europe
Nov 18, 2021, 11:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

Everyone loves earning rewards. But just wait until you hear about Cryptoback™ rewards.

All you need is a Wirex card to start getting free crypto back on every purchase you make. Sound like something you want to know more about? You’re in luck - we’ve x-plained Cryptoback™ rewards to people from all around the world!

So, what are they all about?

X-plain it to the Brits

You’ll be tickled pink when you find out you can earn freebies with Wirex. Honest - whether you’re popping to the shops or sinking a pint at the White Hart, simply pay with your Wirex card and bish bash bosh - you’ve just earnt Cryptoback™ rewards!

Wirex Premium and Elite price plans pay out even higher levels of Cryptoback™ rewards too. Not to be sniffed at!

X-plain it to me in Spanish

¿Que tal te suena ganar criptomonedas gratis? ¡J*der, La Reostia!

Estás a solo una tarjeta de distancia de obtener este beneficio. Los X-tras de Wirex están aquí para echarte una mano.

Con La Tarjeta Wirex puedes ganar criptomonedas a medida que gastas. Desde ir a mercar hasta comprar boletos para el festival Mad Cool, puede ganar recompensas Cryptoback! ¡Esta que Flipa!

X-Plain it to me in Italian

I premi Cryptoback™ sono la tua porta d'ingresso per entrare nel mondo delle criptovalute e ricevere fantastiche ricompense. Basta semplicemente usare la tua carta Wirex per i tuoi acquisti, e riceverai i tuoi premi Cryptoback™, gratuitamente. Fantastico!

Facendo l'upgrade al nostro piano Elite e Premium riceverai ancora più premi Cryptoback™!

X-Plain it to me in French

Les récompenses Cryptoback ™ sont votre passerelle vers le monde des crypto-monnaies et pour recevoir de merveilleuses récompenses. Utilisez simplement votre carte Wirex pour vos achats comme le Beaujolais nouveau, et vous recevrez vos récompenses Cryptoback™ gratuitement. Fantastique!

En passant à nos forfaits Elite et Premium, vous recevrez encore plus de récompenses Cryptoback™!

X-plain it to the kiwis

Picking up your daily flat white or stocking up at the dairy? No matter how big or small your purchase, you’ll earn heaps of Cryptoback™ rewards every time you use your Wirex card.

Free crypto whenever you spend? Sweet as!

X-plain it to the Aussies

Heading to Coles for some snags to chuck on the barbie? What could be better than that? Well, just imagine earning free crypto while you’re at it!

Wirex’s Cryptoback™ rewards let you do just that. So, get your thongs on, pack your esky and take your Wirex card along for the ride. Thank us later!

X-plain it to the Singaporeans

Struggling to meet your credit card limits each month to get your cashback?

Guess what? With Wirex, you get free money (in the form of crypto) on every transaction you make - regardless of how much you spend! They're called Cryptoback™ rewards, go see for yourself!