X-Plain X-tras to me!

Region: Europe
Nov 3, 2021, 3:00:00 PM Published By Wirex Team

We all want to earn extra. If only there was a way to earn next-level rewards without lifting a finger…

Well, we’ve got some good news for you - X-tras lets you do just that! Think supercharged crypto rewards every time you spend, annual Savings Bonuses on your WXT balance and incredible deals and discounts on all your favourite brands.

Want to know more? We’ve X-plained X-tras to people from all around the world, so scroll down to your section for the lowdown.

X-plain it to the Brits

Let’s not beat around the bush. Our X-tras programme pays out free crypto rewards for everything from spending and exchanging to getting your friends to join Wirex. It’s top-notch. The real deal. The dog’s...

And we’re just getting started. Upgrading your Wirex price plan to Premium or Elite unlocks even greater rewards like crypto cashback for all your online shopping and exclusive deals and offers from big-name retailers. Now, that’s better than a poke in the eye.

X-plain it to Spaniards

¡Llamando a todos los amigos #españoles! Es hora de que empieces a sacarle el máximo partido a tus #criptomonedas. ¡Nuestro programa X-tras te brinda beneficios adicionales en #criptomonedas! Obten cripto-recompensas por comprar, mantener o gastar con Wirex. Con tres planes a elegir, pronto podrás ganar criptomonedas GRATIS, solo por irte de de cañas!

X-plain it to Italians

Hey amico, è arrivato il momento di iniziare a goderti le meraviglie delle criptovalute! Una cena fuori al ristorante o un aperitivo con gli amici? Qualunque cosa tu voglia fare, puoi ottenere il massimo da X-tras. Ti offriamo premi gratuiti (si, gratuiti!) in criptovaluta per l'acquisto, la conservazione e la spesa con Wirex. Che figata! E non è finita qui! Puoi ottenere premi ancora migliori se decidi di diventare un membro Premium o Elite.

X-plain it to les Français

Profiter des avantages des cryptos n'a jamais été aussi facile. Avec X-tras, vous recevez GRATUITEMENT de la crypto-monnaie (récompenses Cryptoback ™) lorsque vous achetez des biens ou des services à l'aide de votre carte Wirex. De plus, vous gagnez des intérêts élevés sur notre crypto-monnaie native (WXT) et plus encore. Nous avons un plan sur trois niveaux, donc les récompenses sont encore meilleures en passant à Elite ou Premium!

X-plain it to Kiwis

Ever feel like there aren’t enough benefits for crypto owners in Aotearoa? We’ve got you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying, holding, exchanging or spending - X-tras gives you choices for days. Imagine getting crypto rewards for all your purchases, whether you’re buying lollies at the dairy, heading to the beach for the weekend or shouting a round before the ABs game.

Elite and Premium level members get even bigger and better rewards, so check out our price plans and upgrade yours today. You’ll be stoked.

X-plain it to Aussies

Dead set on getting the most out of your crypto? Whether you’re in Sydney or out in the woop woops, all Aussies can take advantage of the X-tras programme. It gets you free crypto rewards for buying, holding and spending tokens with Wirex! Think airpoints, but in cryptocurrency. We’ve got 3 different plans to choose from, and upgrading is as easy as cracking open a cold one in the arvo.

X-plain it to Singaporeans

This one's for the Kiasus (us too!)! No this isn't FairPrice Xtras, it's a subscription plan that gives you X-tra cashback but in crypto, along with many more benefits. If you find yourself thinking "must earn more" then you'll be happy to learn that X-tras earns you up to 6% annual interest on your WXT balance, while you just sit back, relax, and let us do the work.

So, Premium plan means more rewards. Elite plan means even MORE rewards. Just subscribe already, it’s an easy one.