Your guided tour of the Wirex app

Region: Europe
Aug 1, 2022, 12:00:00 PM Published By Wirex Team

Downloaded the Wirex app and verified your account? Hurray! You're ready to experience the best of Wirex.

To help you get the most out of the app, we’ve put together a handy guide:


When you open the Wirex app, you’ll be taken to the main Dashboard. From here, you can manage your currency accounts, cards and X-tras, as well as view your recent activity and check live crypto prices. If you’re not sure where to find something, the chances are it’ll be here on the Dashboard.


Tapping that little green heart will take you to your X-tras account. This is where the magic happens – you'll see your current plan and tier, how much you’re earning with them and the option to upgrade them if you fancy unlocking even bigger rewards. Simply tap on the name of your plan or tier to choose a new one.

To upgrade your price plan, scroll through the options then select your favourite. To move up to a Boosted Tier, you’ll need to lock your WXT for 180 days – you’ll be able to compare tiers before hitting Upgrade.

When 8% Cryptoback™ rewards and 20% AER with X-Accounts await, why waste any more time?


Here, you can order and activate your Wirex card. Already got one in use? You’ll see it displayed here, along with options to freeze it, link your choice of currencies to it, view your card details and check your card activity. Pretty straightforward, right?


On the Dashboard, you’ll see options to Exchange (the arrows icon at the bottom of the screen), Add Funds and Send. These let you convert one currency to another, top up your account via local card or on-chain deposit, and transfer funds to another wallet or Wirex account.


This invaluable tool gives you as much information as possible to help inform your crypto purchases. Here, you can check out the real-time prices of all tokens available with Wirex, plus their relative market movements.


If you’re not familiar with X-Accounts yet, where have you been? Here, you can open and manage up to 10 X-Accounts for currencies of your choice. Then you can sit back and relax while they generate up to 20% AER on select currencies – some of the best rates in the business.

Wirex Credit

Wirex Credit is our brand-new borrowing tool that lets you take out an instant credit line in a stablecoin of your choice. There’s no waiting for approvals, tiresome credit and affordability checks, set up fees or – for a limited time only – interest on select currencies!* Simply stake your BTC or ETH in-app, choose your LTV ratio and preferred currency, then that’s it – your funds will be available in seconds.

Still need a hand?

If you’re still having trouble navigating the app, why not check out our comprehensive Help Centre? You’ll find hundreds of guides and how-tos that will help you become a Wirex pro in no time.