What are X-Accounts?

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 X-Accounts are our way of giving you simple, uncomplicated access to DeFi-powered savings. They offer a high rate of interest with no fees or minimum term. Simple to set up and easy to use, you can open as many as 10 X-Accounts in the Wirex app on selected fiat and cryptocurrencies.  Depending on the currency you choose, you could earn up to 16% AER interest compounded daily (see table below for exact rates). You can also withdraw your funds at any time for free, giving you complete control of how you earn and what you save. Find out how to open an X-Account.

How many X-Accounts can I open?

You can open a maximum of 10 X-accounts, plus you can name them after whatever you’re saving towards. Saving for your wedding? Call it “Wedding Fund” and start adding funds. Looking to put some money aside for a holiday? You know what to do! 

Are there any fees associated with X-Accounts? 

No, there are no fees at all for X-Accounts. This means that you can transfer funds in and out, whenever you want, for free. 

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