Wirex card blocking and unblocking

Region: United Kingdom

If you suspect that your Wirex card has been compromised, you can block it. It will be impossible to make any payment with this card until you unblock it. We reccomend waiting 10 minutes to use a card again after you unblock it. 

You can also reissue a card: your current card and its associated currency account will become inactive. Your balance will be transferred to the newly created card (as well as to its currency account). When the new card arrives, activate it to start using the associated currency account again.  

To block and unblock your card, please follow the next steps:

In Wirex Web application

  1. On the Dashboard, select the appropriate card > click Сard details.  
  2. On the Card screen, click Block card. Confirm the blocking.
  3. You can Unblock your card any time. The card will be reactivated immediately. 

In Wirex iOS and Android applications

  1. On the Dashboard, swipe left or right to select the appropriate card.
  2. Tap the card image to open the Card screen.
  3. Tap the card name. If either the PIN, Pass Code or Touch ID is enabled, you'll be prompted to enter it. If there is no set PIN, Pass Code or Touch ID, the Card info screen will open showing the card details. 
  4. Tap Block card. Confirm the blocking.
  5. You can Unblock your card any time. The card will be reactivated immediately.

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