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How do I open a Wirex Credit line?

To open a Wirex Credit line, you need to have an existing, active USDT, USDC, NXUSD, or DAI account to allow credit to be funded. Also, you will need a positive balance on one of the crypto accounts for collateral to be added. 

To open Wirex Credit, follow these steps: 

  • Go to “Wirex Credit” tab and then press on “Borrow: button; 

  • Choose a credit account from the list of available accounts; 

  • Choose a preferable ratio, collateral account and borrowed amount and then press “Continue”; 

  • Accept the Wirex Credit T&C, confirm the credit details and press on “Confirm”; 

  • You will see the list of the credits you’ve made. 

Congratulations! Now you’ve successfully borrowed funds from your crypto holding without spending them! 

On how to close the Wirex credit, please follow this page: 
How do I close a Wirex Credit line?

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