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Why is my Wirex card being declined for online purchases?

If an online payment is declined, make sure you’ve checked the following: 

  • Whether an account with a positive balance is linked to the card by tapping Cards and then Linked Accounts.

  • If you’ve tried to make an online payment with your Wirex card several times but it is still being declined, the issue may be on the merchant’s side. Try contacting them directly for clarification. 

  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct billing address for your card. It should be the same address you used to verify your Wirex account. If your billing address is correct and the issue persists, contact the merchant. 

  • You may be required to confirm the payment via 3-D secure and issues may arise at this step. This additional verification measure is designed to prevent fraud. The merchant determines which transactions require it. 

To receive more information on why a payment is being declined, please reach out to our Support Team.

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