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Why do you see "Further Verification Required" message on your iOS device

Should you come across the "Verify your account" or "Further verification needed" screen on your Dashboard, it could be a result of the ongoing Wirex verification platform migration to a more advanced system. The objective of this migration is to improve the overall user experience throughout the verification process. This article is designed to offer guidance on addressing the reasons behind the message you are currently encountering.

  • Firstly login to the Wirex Web client using the link.

  • Go to Preferences section.

  • Observe your Account Level.

  • Click on you Account Level.

  • You will see success verification message if you have Account Level: Pro and no further verification is needed.

  • All of your app and card functionality will remain available.

  • If further verification will be needed please consult our guide The verification process explained.

  • In case you encounter any difficulties, please reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance.

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