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WXT explained

The Wirex Token (WXT) is Wirex’s native token. It is a unique multi-blockchain cryptocurrency that provides customers with access to exclusive crypto rewards and decentralised finance ecosystems. As the first native cryptocurrency on the platform, WXT is widely used within the Wirex app and on other cryptocurrency platforms. 

One of the significant benefits of owning WXT is access to X-tras, the world's most cutting-edge rewards program. Customers can enjoy various benefits, ranging from Cryptoback™ rewards to the Savings Bonus feature, and all X-tras pay out in WXT. Customers can choose from three flexible price plans to unlock a treasure chest of rewards. 

WXT is not just about rewards; it also opens up the world of decentralised finance. In 2021, 80% of the total supply of WXT was migrated to the Ethereum blockchain, which is the most powerful network for DeFi applications. Splitting WXT between the Stellar Network and Ethereum blockchain enables increased power, efficiency, and flexibility and bridges the gap between payments and novel DeFi ecosystems. 

To purchase WXT, customers need to have a verified Wirex account. Customers can buy and use as much WXT as they want in the Wirex app, just like any other digital currency. WXT can be sent via the Stellar platform or the Ethereum mainnet, and when transferring WXT via Stellar, customers will need to use a unique memo and the Stellar or federation address. 

Customers can buy WXT in the Wirex app by exchanging crypto or traditional currency to WXT.  WXT is not a security token, but a utility token. The value of the WXT token is not linked to the performance of Wirex and is subject to market movements on secondary exchanges. Customers who buy WXT are not buying stock or equity of Wirex, nor are they purchasing any other form of security. 

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