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How to Test Transactions from Visa and Mastercard in a Fintech App
Here's a little insight into testing the functionality related to the card transactions at Wirex.
Nov 25, 2021Maxim Bogun
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How to Implement iOS UI Testing
It's crucial to understand what’s going on with the app from the user’s perspective, so here's a look into iOS UI testing.
Sep 23, 2021Alex Borysenko
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Crypto-related testing ​in fintech apps: the balance between ​losses and fast delivery
Today we're going to talk about testing cryptocurrency operations and how to find a balance between losses due to mistakes​ and fast delivery of functionality.
Aug 5, 2021Roman Makitrenko
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How to Implement Monitoring System for MS Azure Resources
If you’ve ever worked with complex highload cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, you probably understand how important it is to have an appropriate monitoring system
Apr 19, 2021Oleg Tarasenko
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Why is Communication between Designers and Developers Important?
Design is a balance between user needs, the business wants, and technical feasibility so why is collaboration between developers and designers essential?
Mar 17, 2021Karina Okhrimenko
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Powerful Approaches to Develop Android Tests
As an Android developer at Wirex, I perform different Android tests on our codebase to manage internal flow and customer's traditional and cryptocurrencies
Dec 3, 2020Wirex Team
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State-Driven Scenes with UIKit
Since SwiftUI is a declarative, state-driven framework, at Wirex, we decided to adopt a state-driven approach with our UIKit-based app
Sep 30, 2020Wirex Team
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Creating a Complex Microservice Infrastructure using Microsoft Azure
Building Wirex's industry-leading platform integrating blockchain and traditional infrastructure has not been without its technological challenges.
Jul 17, 2020Wirex Team
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