3 Million Users and Profitable

Region: Europe
May 19, 2020, 3:20:17 PM Published By Wirex Team

The first few months of 2020 have been one of Wirex’s most successful in history, and we’re excited to say that we’ve now reached 3 million registered users across 130 countries. Not only this, but we have also reached profitability, which not a lot of fintech companies as young as ours can say!

We said 2019 was our year, but maybe 2020 will be! You might have seen our post at the end of last year, where we looked back at some of great achievements, including the launch of Wirex 3.0, the arrival of WXT tokens, and the launch of a next-generation Wirex card in APAC. With all these developments, it’s great that so many people have joined our community and recognise the benefits of Wirex.

“We are extremely happy that over 3 million customers have recognised the benefits of managing currencies – both crypto and fiat – on one, centralised mobile app,” said our co-founder and CEO Pavel Matveev. “We are seeing broad and widespread use of our Wirex card which gives our customers the ability to seamlessly spend their crypto currencies wherever Visa is accepted.”

With over $3 billion worth of transactions processed on our platform, we’re now providing simple money transfer options and ability to spend 150 currencies in more than 46 million locations, in 200 regions around the globe. We’re truly making digital currencies accessible to everyone around the world.

Wirex won’t stop there. Following our successful expansion across Europe and Asia, we are planning to enter the US market shortly, with entry into other territories planned soon as well.

Matveev went on to say that “Wirex was the first company to introduce a debit card allowing users to spend digital currency – and our customers have really embraced that capability. Customers use it for transport fares, groceries, restaurants and other everyday uses,” added Matveev. “This success shows that we’ve truly democratised access to cryptocurrencies by removing key barriers to usage and helping to bring the world ever closer to mass adoption.”

Why not join our rapidly growing community today and open a Wirex account, to see for yourself why we’re the leading mobile payments platform, enabling blockchain and digital currency to finally enter the mainstream and become usable in everyday transactions.