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8 Signs you're crypto-obsessed

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Jan 10, 2018, 9:00:23 AM Published By Wirex Team
The cryptocurrency market has been crazy this year. Its easy to see why many people are obsessed with Bitcoin and altcoins. Relatively speaking, its a new arena. Its constantly evolving. Its open to anyone with the time and money to get involved - and its always exciting to be an early adopter. It can be complicated and takes hard work to fully understand. Bitcoin is also a controversial, divisive topic which lends itself to strong opinions and heated discussions. Here are 8 signs youre crypto-obsessed.

1. Youve signed up to multiple wallets, exchanges, Bitcoin debit cards and other technologies

You have compared the pros and cons of each and debated their merits in search of the best.

2. You have to check out new cryptocurrencies and diversify

The number of cryptocurrencies available online is changing every day. As of late mid-December 2017, lists 1368 cryptocurrencies. Youre quick to assess the merits of new cryptocurrencies and to buy those you see as promising.

3. You have a pre-prepared Bitcoin elevator pitch

When you meet someone who doesnt understand Bitcoin or why its significant, you have a pre-prepared speech explaining what it is, the benefits and why they should get involved. You also enjoy correcting peoples misconceptions.

4...And pre-prepared answers to FAQs about Bitcoin

After your elevator pitch, you know which questions you are most likely to hear:
  • So what does mining mean anyway? Where does Bitcoin come from?
  • Is Bitcoin real money though?
  • How do you use Bitcoin?
  • What, you mean there are no banks involved? What about the government?
  • What if someone hacks your wallet and steals all your Bitcoins?
Luckily you have your answers ready and you make an effort to word them in the simplest way possible. While still making sure they know youre a pro.

5. You check the price of Bitcoin first thing in the morning

As Bitcoin prices continue to reach new heights, your first action each morning is to check the price. And you probably check it numerous times throughout the day too. A new high puts you in a good mood, while a drop ruins you.. at least until you're up again.

6. You get excited when a new company starts accepting Bitcoin as payment

Youre desperate for cryptocurrencies to become mainstream. Each time a new company starts letting customers pay in Bitcoin (or a charity starts accepting donations) you see it as a positive step towards more practical uses.

7. Your social media and inbox are dominated by Bitcoin

You subscribe to r/Bitcoin (subreddit) and other related forums, where you are an active part of the community. You follow numerous Bitcoin related accounts on Twitter. Youve joined Facebook groups. Youve signed up to cryptocurrency blogs and mailing lists. Maybe you dive into Bitcoin conspiracy theories or debates about the identity of its founder. In short, it dominates your news feeds and inboxes.

8. You get annoyed at people who are only in it for the money

Youre motivated to own Bitcoin as much for political and philosophical reasons as financial ones. Its not just about the money - although you dont exactly mind that part. Does this sound all too familiar to you? Join our community forumtelegram chat, and stay up-to-date with our blogs to discuss your obsession.