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Crypto in Canada

Canada is a significant player in the global cryptocurrency market. Although the UK and US are marginally ahead in the rankings for traditional blockchain adoption, Canada leads the way in Ethereum blockchain technology. This can be attributed in-part to Vitalik Buterin, the prodigious Russian-Canadian programmer who founded Ethereum. Buterin, energy and the crypto miners Buterin… View Article

To Ethereum and beyond

Cypherpunks rejoice – we’ve finally added Ethereum to our expanding portfolio of cryptocurrency wallets! The new Wirex Ethereum wallet allows you to buy, sell and store Ether (ETH). Exclusive to Wirex, you can also instantly convert it into GBP, EUR or USD to spend in-store and online using your Wirex Payment Card. A brief history… View Article

Secret Mining Society – are your devices being cryptojacked?

Cybercrime takes a near-infinite number of forms. As technology advances, criminals develop novel and ingenious ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Wirex Staff Writer Gemma Doswell takes a closer look at the insidious art of ‘Cryptojacking’. A brief history of hacking Hacking first emerged as a malicious term in the 1970s, when early hackers (known as ‘phreakers’,… View Article

Wirex earns FCA e-money licence

There is some big news at Wirex. We are more than proud to announce that we were granted a UK Financial Conduct Authority e-money licence on the 21st of August! Wirex Limited is only the third crypto-friendly company in the world to have been granted this licence. The FCA was formed to protect consumers, enhance… View Article

9 industries that use blockchain

Blockchain technology is starting to gain traction in the mainstream. Its efficiency, transparency and versatility appeal to consumers and businesses alike, making wide-scale adoption likely in the coming decades. Recognising blockchain’s potential to disrupt traditional infrastructure, many industries have started integrating the technology into their business processes. Financial services companies are amongst the early adopters… View Article

A Ripple at Wirex

Introducing the Ripple wallet! You can now buy, sell, exchange and deposit Ripple (XRP) using the Wirex App. We’re the only digital money platform that lets you exchange and spend Ripple like traditional currency – in-store and online. Update your Wirex app now and start using the XRP wallet straight away. What is Ripple? Ripple… View Article

The big EOS freeze

Less than 48hrs after its launch, the EOS blockchain froze. The cause of the freeze was resolved within a few hours of being reported. However, this momentary hiccough was sufficient to spark another emotional debate about security in the crypto arena. EOS blockchain was set up to rival Ethereum. It boasted BPs (block producers) to… View Article

It’s the #WirexWorldCup!

As World Cup fever grips the nation, we’re doing something special for you. Football fanatic or not, this is your chance to be part of the #WirexWorldCup. Simply share your favourite football moments, whether you’re supporting your team at home, with your mates at the pub, or you get an opportunity to capture a moment… View Article

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