Happy 2nd Birthday WXT: It’s Time to Celebrate!

Region: Europe
Jun 25, 2021, 11:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

We’ve been treating the whole of June as WXT’s birthday, but the special day is finally here and tomorrow it will be two years since our very own token was created! WXT is just one of the many exciting achievements that make up Wirex’s last six years and what better way to commemorate the occasion than taking a look back over some of our defining moments.


WXT may just be turning two, but Wirex’s achievements predate that! In 2014 Wirex began with the goal to help bring crypto into everyday life, and we launched our very first accounts that allowed users to hold both fiat and cryptocurrencies on one app – the first of its kind.


In 2015 the first Wirex card was created and issued, giving customers the option to buy, spend and convert Bitcoin, as well as supporting three traditional currencies: GBP, EUR and USD. We may have come from humble beginnings, but we’ve continued to innovate and now offer up to 30 different crypto and fiat currencies! Now that’s what we call growth.


There was lots going on behind the scenes in 2016 and 2017 which allowed 2018 to be one of our most exciting years so far.

  • We hit 2 million users from all around the world
  • We launched our Visa card for Wirex users living in the EEA
  • We introduced 4 new cryptocurrencies to the Wirex app
  • We launched our world’s first Cryptoback™ rewards programme
  • We were one of the first UK crypto-friendly companies to be licensed as an Electronic Money Institution by the UK FCA

We didn’t think we could top 2018, but there’s plenty more to see around the corner!


At this point, we were on a roll meaning the trend of exciting achievements continued in 2019.

  • We launched Wirex 3.0 – the next generation Wirex platform offering 9 cryptocurrencies, 11 traditional currencies and access to interbank and OTC exchange rates
  • We launched the Wirex Visa travelcard in Singapore, allowing users to hold 19 different traditional and cryptocurrencies
  • And, of course, we launched our very own native token: WXT


2020 was an… unusual year for everyone to say the least, but luckily it didn’t slow us down.


We may only be 6 months into 2021, but already it’s been one of our most eventful years to date.

  • We reached 3.5 million Wirex users worldwide
  • We partnered with Zero Hash ahead of our upcoming US launch, which will allow Wirex to be released in all 50 states
  • We launched our brand new Mastercard for EEA customers, as well as an overhaul of our rewards system: X-tras, allowing customers to earn up to 2% in Cryptoback™ rewards and up to 12% in interest in WXT holdings
  • And just this month, we launched our brand-new X-Accounts, allowing users to earn up to 16% interest back on crypto and fiat funds*

We may be six years into Wirex’s journey, but this is only just the beginning so stay tuned as we continue to innovate and evolve within the fintech space!

*Earnings apply to fiat converted to stablecoins, subject to T&Cs