Mainstream to the metaverse

Region: Europe
May 25, 2022, 8:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

We’re jumping into the metaverse with new global campaign!

This new campaign is catapulting Wirex from our original fintech origins into a truly ‘Web3’ and ‘Metaverse-ready’ ecosystem. This video campaign ‘Mainstream to the Metaverse’ builds on our successful ‘Open to all’ campaign in 2020, which was the first of its kind for us here at Wirex.

Chief Marketing Officer, Martin Best, weighed in; “Web3 and ‘the metaverse’ are words frequently used over the last 12 months, but surprisingly few people know concretely what it means in real life. Here at Wirex we accept that many aspects might be unknown, but we’re clear that it will involve giving people more control over digital and fiat currencies. The idea that we use only use the currency available in our country of residence is no longer valid. Gamers, travellers, commuters, and traders – they all expect more choice on what currencies to use and which platforms to use them in.’’

In case you’ve missed our recent rapid development, Wirex’s product features have expanded over the last two years and now include different apps for different purposes. We’re far from being a one trick pony.

The Wirex App remains one of the best ways in the world to link a payment card to a crypto-friendly wallet, something now enjoyed by over 5 million Wirex customers. This CeFi app is custodial, meaning users need to show ID and pass checks to use the app. While CeFi is a great option for a lot of people, some people have a preference for DeFi.

In 2021 we launched the DeFi (decentralised finance) Wirex Wallet. The Wirex Wallet, rated 4.6/5 for UX by 11:FS is a gateway to various dapps (decentralised apps) such as Nereus Finance, which is available on the Avalanche network.

“Our campaign ‘Open to all’ in 2020 reflected our mission to widen acceptance of crypto friendly products and make it more accessible. With our UX-friendly Wirex Wallet we’re effectively opening that gateway to a whole new generation of users around the word, something our new campaign ‘Mainstream to the Metaverse’ highlights.’

Check out the campaign here!