Rising women in crypto: myths vs facts

Region: Europe
Nov 2, 2023, 9:12:52 AM Published By Wirex Team

In the world of crypto and blockchain, there's been a lot of talk about women and their role in the game. Let's clear up some misconceptions and shed a light on the different ways women are contributing to this fast-paced, revolutionary space.

Myth: Women Need Special Treatment in Crypto

Some people say women in crypto get special treatment through special programs trying to boost diversity.

Fact: these efforts are more about giving everyone a fair shot and creating equal opportunities. It's not about favouring one group over another; it's about making sure everyone's got a chance. These diversity initiatives are good for the industry because they bring in all sorts of perspectives and skills.

Myth: Lack of Female Crypto Investors

There's a misconception that women are not active as investors in the crypto market.

Fact: Research suggests that women are increasingly participating in crypto investments, either as individual investors or through institutional roles, challenging the stereotype. According to Coin Journal, 37% of crypto owners as of November 2022 are women – up from 21% in 2021. Also, a third of women investors planned to buy crypto in 2022, while 24% of those surveyed said they already hold, trade or use crypto.

Myth: Crypto Events Are Unwelcoming to Women

While there have been instances of gender-related issues at crypto events, many conferences and meetups actively work to create inclusive environments.

Fact: Initiatives, such as Wirex’s Women in Crypto, Women in Blockchain, Women of Web3 etc aim to make these spaces more welcoming.

Motherhood Affects Women's Participation in Crypto

The assumption that motherhood restricts women from engaging in the crypto space is false.

Fact: Many women successfully balance motherhood and careers in crypto, just as in any other industry. We’ve collected tips from our female colleagues who are currently balancing their jobs working in crypto and parenting. Check them out!

Myth: Limited Opportunities for Women in Crypto

Some may perceive that there are limited opportunities for women in the crypto space.

Fact: The reality is that the industry is continually expanding, creating various job opportunities. Women are taking on roles in development, project management, marketing, legal, and other areas within blockchain and crypto companies.

The involvement of women in the crypto industry is a topic that continues to evolve. As the industry progresses, it is essential to celebrate the increasing contributions of women and to maintain a commitment to creating an inclusive environment that embraces the diverse talents and perspectives of all individuals.

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