We've improved our X-Accounts rates with a $1 investment!

Region: Europe
May 17, 2023, 2:34:16 PM Published By Wirex Team
  • We’ve reduced the minimum amount needed to open an X-Account to $1 
  • Join over 200,000 users and start earning up to 20% APR on your assets 
  • Understand the sources of yield for X-Accounts for transparency 

It's prime time to explore X-Accounts! You can now earn up to 20% APR on your assets, starting with as little as $1, and we’ve changed our rates for multiple currencies so you have even more chances of earning! 

Join the ranks of over 200,000 users who have already trusted our award-winning X-Accounts, celebrated for innovation and effectiveness in the crypto industry. Our awards include:  

  • Best Use of Blockchain at the Fintech Breakthrough Awards 
  • Crypto Payment Innovators of the Year at the Greater London Enterprise Awards 
  • Innovation of the Year at the FS Tech Crypto Asset Awards 
  • Best Use of CX Technology at the CX Asia Excellence Awards 

With X-Accounts, users can deposit their funds and automatically earn interest, accumulated daily and paid weekly. And with the option of Flexible and Plus, you can withdraw anytime or deposit your funds for 30 days to earn boosted rates! 

And what’s more, we’ve updated our rates so now you can earn even more, with a limited-time promotion available for USDT, EURS, BRZ and DAI, and the minimum rate for our Standard, Entry Flexible tier increased for currencies such as EUROC, NXUSD and USDC! Check out the latest rates here: 

Flexible Plus
BTC Up to 14% APR Up to 15% APR
ETH Up to 12% APR Up to 13% APR
DAI Up to 16% APR Up to 16% APR
MATIC Up to 4.5% APR Up to 5.5% APR
SOL Up to 5.5% APR Up to 6% APR

For a full list of the X-Accounts rates, visit this page.

How to open an X-Account 

It’s quick and easy to open an X-Account: 

  1. Open your app and head to the "Grow" section. 
  2. Select "Earn". 
  3. Tap on "Create New X-Account". 
  4. Pick your preferred currency and account type - Flexible or Plus. 
  5. And you're all set! Just transfer your assets into an X-Account to begin. 

Understanding the source of yield 

We’re committed to providing complete transparency regarding the source of yield for our X-Account products, so here’s a quick overview of it: 

X-Account Flexible 

Funds deposited in X-Account Flexible products contribute to liquidity for trading within the Wirex app, as well as advanced trading products like Wirex DUO and Wirex Multiply. The interest generated is derived from revenue produced by trading activity. 

X-Account Plus 

X-Account Plus deposits may be utilised for staking on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks, generating staking rewards. For non-PoS tokens, Wirex may offer high-yield promotions through marketing campaigns. The interest paid stems from revenue generated by both staking and trading activities. 


Interest on promotional campaigns is usually available for a limited time or limited allocation. Wirex may offer high-yield promotions through marketing or sponsored campaigns to further incentivise users. 


Additional WXT interest serves as a marketing strategy to promote the adoption and awareness of WXT. This interest is paid from the WXT revenue acquired through X-tras Subscription purchases. 


Start earning interest and open an X-Account today.