We've Partnered with Unstoppable Domains

Region: Europe
Nov 30, 2022, 10:30:44 AM Published By Wirex Team

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Unstoppable Domains. They use NFT technology to revolutionise ownership over domains and simplify the process of sending and receiving crypto, so it's great to work with them to use this technology in the Wirex Wallet. 

What are Unstoppable Domains? 

Unstoppable Domains are decentralised domains in the form of NFTs, such as Pavelwirex.crypto that are associated with people’s non-custodial wallets. They were created to provide a stress-free way for users to send, receive their funds to a non-custodial wallet in the Web3 world. 

They’re different from conventional domain names, like a dot.com in a web address, since they’re kept by owners in their wallets, just like any other crypto. Thanks to NFT technology, which are unique tokens governed by smart contracts that live on the blockchain, users have complete ownership over a domain once they mint it to a wallet, and they can’t be altered or deleted by other parties. 

They’ve taken the blockchain space by storm, with nearly 3 million domains created already. 

Why are we partnering up with them? 

Wirex Wallet was designed to be the gateway for everyday users to access the Web3 world. As the world’s first mass-market, non-custodial DeFi wallet, we’ve already brought together a host of game-changing features to enable this, including biometric access, multi-party computation technology, no requirement for a private key, and cross-chain compatibility. With the addition of Unstoppable Domains, sending and receiving crypto payments for Wirex Wallet users will be simpler than ever before. 

Unstoppable Domains transform insanely long and complicated wallet addresses into a name that’s easy for people to remember, so you won’t have to worry about copy and paste mistakes or memorising these complex addresses. 

Why is Domain Ownership Important? 

Web3 is set to be the next evolution of the internet, which focuses on decentralised control, a better user experience and improvements in security. Web2, the current state of the internet, uses a centralised model where large tech companies own and utilise user’s data, which has received criticism over how this data is used. 

Thanks to blockchain technology, Web3 will empower users to have full ownership over their information, including their digital assets, personal data and identity. So in the same way, it’s vital that users have ownership over a unique domain for their wallet. 

How does it work for Wirex customers? 

Thanks to this parternship, Wirex Wallet users can mint a domain for their Wirex Wallet and use it to streamline their crypto experience. 

So instead of sending crypto to your wallet address that’s: 0xF2f5C73fa04406b1995e397B55c24aB1f3eA726C, with Unstoppable Domains you’ll send crypto to: PavelWirex.crypto 

Your domain will represent your address. 

So what are you waiting for? Mint an Unstoppable Domain for your Wirex Wallet now