Wirex Security Update - 18.01.19

Region: Europe
Jan 21, 2019, 5:54:22 PM Published By Wirex Team
Transparency is one of our core values. Following the issues faced by some of our users over the weekend, we want to ensure that our customers understand exactly what happened and why. We know that many of you have been severely inconvenienced and we apologise wholeheartedly to all who were affected. The integrity of our users personal information and funds is of paramount importance to us. As such, we implemented updated security protocols on the Wirex platform on Friday 18th January. This update required approximately 5% of our customer base to reset their account login details. We want to assure you that at no point was the security of your accounts compromised during this process.

What happened?

An internal investigation revealed that one of our server parameters wasn't updated correctly as we moved the new release from the testing platform to the production environment. This prompted password resets. Our sincerest apologies to anyone who has been unable to access their account recently. We are taking the following actions to ensure that this situation doesnt reoccur:
  • Communicating major updates in advance to give customers appropriate notice to take action
  • Implementing additional cross-checks to ensure that updates migrate from testing to production smoothly

The next steps

To re-establish access to your Wirex account, please follow the steps below:
  1. Click here to reset your password
  2. Click the 'Forgot Password' button
  3. Enter the email associated with your Wirex account and click Send Recovery Link
  4. Follow the link in the email. Check your spam/junk folders if it doesnt appear in your inbox
  5. If you have set up a memorable word, you will be asked to enter 3 random letters from it. Read more here about how to enter letters from memorable word. If youve forgotten your memorable word, please contact our Support Team.
  6. Set up a new password
If you have problems following these steps, get in touch with our Support Team by opening a ticket here If you are locked out of your account but havent received an email prompting you to reset your details, please add noreply@wirexapp.com to your email contacts to prevent our emails from going into your spam box.