Wirex’s Mastercard Card: A Competition-Killer

Region: Europe
Oct 30, 2020, 4:26:58 PM Published By Wirex Team

Following the announcement that Wirex has launched a waitlist for its hotly-anticipated multicurrency Mastercard debit card in the EEA region, Pavel Matveev, our CEO and Co-Founder, shares his excitement about the release, and why he believes this will be a competition-killer for the fintech and crypto space.

“Since inception, our stated goals have been to facilitate the mainstream adoption of digital currencies and encourage the implementation of a decentralised, token-based economy, whilst making it as easy as possible for our customers to realise the benefits of blockchain-powered payments.

Previous EEA product upgrades – of which the ‘Wirex 2.0’ launch was the most recent – have consisted of frequent but small improvements to existing features. 2.0 introduced new fiat and crypto currencies, OTC and interbank rates for foreign exchange, and visual and design changes e.g. naming of ‘wallets’ changed to ‘accounts’, just to name a few. These iterative upgrades represent ‘steps’ on the path to the mainstream, tweaks and changes that edge us closer to a token-based future.

The new Wirex card isn’t another small step, another minor improvement. Our new card product makes the everyday use of crypto mainstream NOW.

When released, it will be THE industry-defining, mainstream crypto-enabled card. We’ve already got a tonne of world-firsts and innovative technologies behind our brand, and have changed the way people think about money, but I think this will set us apart from the rest of the market and be a competition-killer.

It’s the card that lets Wirex set the standard for alternative banking services and puts us head and shoulders above our many competitors in a crowded industry. The card that people encourage their friends and family to get through word-of-mouth; the go-to payment card for anyone who is remotely interested in crypto, travel, instant rewards, cheap and easy exchanges, cross-border remittance and more. The ultimate card - one that finally makes all currencies equal, wherever you are and whatever you use them for.

Wirex is dedicated to innovating and fostering the ‘next generation’ of payments, a taste of the future. The new card is the realisation of that future – the logical next step on a decade-long journey that started when Satoshi Nakamoto first published the Bitcoin whitepaper.”

To see the full list of features for the new card, visit this link, and join the waitlist for the card now to be one of the first to get access.