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How to add funds with a local card?

How to top up using a linked local card

Available for:  Traditional currencies: EUR, GBP, CAD, CZK, HUF, PLN, RON, HRK, USD 

                          Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, DAI, NANO, XLM, WXT, MKR, LINK 

1.) On the dashboard, tap +

2.) You will now be prompted to choose where you want to add funds from. If you want to add funds from a linked card, select it now.

3.) Next, enter the amount you would like to add. Don’t worry, you will have a chance to review it before the transaction is sent.

4.) Review the transaction details. If everything looks correct, tap add to initiate the transaction.

5.) That’s it! The added funds will arrive in your account in just a few moments. 

Local card transaction limits

The following limits apply:



Minimum transaction amount

50 USD

Maximum transaction amount (unconfirmed  card)

2000 USD

Maximum transaction amount (confirmed card) 25000 USD
Maximum daily limit (unconfirmed card) 2000 USD
Maximum daily limit (confirmed card) 25000 USD
Maximum number of successful transactions per 24 hours 5 successful transactions in a day
The number of cards that can be linked to the account at the same time (in order to link a new card, the previous one should be deleted) 5

* The limit refers to a user, not a transaction

Note:  Mastercard users may notice that they are being charged a commission when using their card to top-up their Wirex account. The exact commission amount will vary and depend on the issuing bank and card type (credit/debit). If you’d like to clarify your specific commission for Wirex transactions, we recommend you contact your issuing bank directly. The relevant Merchant Category Code is 6051. Visa users are currently not charged commissions for this type of transaction

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