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Deposit US Dollars into your Wirex App via bank transfer (ACH) 

Transferring USD from your bank account is a great way to fund your Wirex account, allowing you to buy crypto quickly or to unlock the ultimate spending power of the Wirex Visa Card. 

How to find your beneficiary account details within the Wirex app? 

As a US Wirex account holder, once you’ve passed our initial verification steps you will automatically be provided with a Wirex Routing Number and Account number.  

These can be found by: 

  • Clicking “Add Funds” and then selecting ACH Bank Transfer 

  • Clicking on your USD Account and then selecting “Account Details” 

Sending USD from your bank to Wirex 

Once you have identified your Wirex Routing Number and Account Number, simply head over to your own bank and send the funds using these details 

How long will the funds take to show within Wirex? 

Wirex uses the same process as all banks so the funds will typically take between 3-5 business days, although it may show in the account a little sooner in some cases 

Once USD show in my Wirex account, can I use them straight away? 

Yes – once the funds show as available within Wirex and your balance has increased, these can then be used to purchase crypto or to spend using your Wirex Visa Card 

Can I withdraw USD from Wirex using bank transfer? 

Yes – in addition to depositing funds from your bank to Wirex, you can also send USD from your Wirex app to your bank. Please note – the bank you send funds to MUST be registered in the same name as the Wirex account holder 

How do I withdraw USD from Wirex? 

Withdrawing USD from Wirex is simple. 

  • Head over to your US Dollar account within Wirex 

  • Click “Send” 

  • Input the details of the account you are sending USD to (e.g., Name, Routing Number, Account Number) 

  • Click “Continue” 

  • Enter the amount of USD you wish to send 

  • Optionally, you can add a payment reference 

  • Confirm payment 

How long will it take for my funds to credit my bank account? 

Similar to when you add funds to Wirex, typically a withdrawal of USD will take 3-5 business days to show on your bank account 

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