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How to Link and Prioritise Traditional Currency Accounts

Before you can use your card, it must be linked to at least one traditional currency account. You can link all your available accounts to your card. Once you’ve activated an account, you won’t be able to unlink it from your card. But, if you later decide you don’t want to use a specific currency you can always hide that account from the dashboard. 

How to link currency accounts to your card:

In the Wirex Android and iOS applications

  • On the dashboard, tap the Preferences wheel in the upper right corner

  • Find Accounts, you will see the accounts you’ve already activated. Select Add accounts. You will see a list of all the accounts available for use

  • Tap any account from the list to activate it. The selected account will now be displayed in the dashboard and linked to your card.

How to set account priority order:

When you make purchases, funds are deducted from your accounts according to the account’s currency and priority order that you can set within the app.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • On the dashboard, tap the Preferences wheel in the upper right corner

  • From the dashboard, tap accounts

  • On the accounts screen, tap manage in the upper right corner

  • To rearrange account priorities, choose the account you want to move, and tap the grey parallel bars next to the hide/unhide toggle. 

  • Drag and drop the account up to increase its priority or down to decrease it. Tap save on the top right to save your changes. 

The priority you set helps determine which of your accounts will be charged when you buy something. Most of the time, this will be the account in the same currency as you made the transaction. But if the appropriate currency account does not have enough funds, then the system will check your SGD account for sufficient balance and only then decide which account to charge based on the priority you’ve set. Your SGD account will always take first priority if there are insufficient funds in the primary matching account.

For example, if you are buying goods in Hong Kong dollar and there is insufficient funds to cover the purchase, the system will then look in your Singapore dollar account next. It will then go through the priority order of all your accounts until it finds one with enough funds to cover the cost of the purchase. 

Account priority can be changed at any time in the app. 

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