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Wirex Visa card limits

Please note: some features (such as Wirex Card) may only be available to residents of certain countries. 
You can check the full list of services supported by country via the following page:  
Supported Countries   

Wirex cards come with the following limits:



Maximum balance


Spend amount

Per transaction 20 000 SGD

Load amount
(For PayPal card transfers, please see the page)

Per day

10 000 SGD

ATM withdrawal*

Per day

1400* SGD

ATM withdrawal*

Per year 25 000 SGD

Number of ATM transactions



*If an ATM charges a fee, it will be included in the amount you can withdraw, e.g. if the withdrawal fee is $5, your withdrawal limit totals $1395. 

You can withdraw up to 200 SGD a month at no additional cost, after which a small fee of 2% is applied. 

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