Q&A with Unstoppable Domains

Region: Europe
Dec 13, 2022, 9:11:47 AM Published By Unstoppable Domains Team

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of our partnership with Unstoppable Domains for the Wirex Wallet. They're revolutionising how users access and use Web3 by utilising NFT technology to offer new ways of sending and receiving crypto to wallets. We spoke to their team to get an insight into what they do.

1. What are Unstoppable Domains? 

At Unstoppable, we are building Web3 domains that people use for their digital identities. Web3 domains are a suite of smart contracts - software written on a public blockchain. Instead of one company controlling the data online, the power is transferred back to the people. By being built on blockchain, anyone can look at the data stored there, creating a level of ultimate openness and transparency.  

2. What problem do you solve? 

In Web2, people don’t own their online names, handles, or the data associated with them. Whether it’s a Twitter name, email address, or website, everything is only rented or borrowed from the Web2 provider. Unstoppable is on a mission to let people truly own their digital identities without having to worry about renewal fees or losing their names. 

Once a Web3 domain is minted, the person owns it forever. No one can remove it from that wallet except the owner. This lays the foundation for a new way for people to interact, build reputations, and create value online. 

3. How do you use blockchain technology? 

Blockchain is at the core of what we do and is how people are able to finally own their online data. Unstoppable domains are minted on Polygon, providing a public ledger of domain ownership and allowing Web3 companies to easily integrate our naming service. We also provide an Ethereum bridge for people who prefer to manage their digital assets on that chain. 

4. Why is ownership so important within Web3? 

We live in an increasingly digital world with people spending more time and energy online than ever before. Despite this becoming such a large part of our lives, our concept of digital ownership has taken a while to catch up. People are finally recognizing the value of their data, and Web3 companies are providing a new option that allows people to take back control. 

5. What role does Unstoppable Domains play within Web3? 

Unstoppable is a leading provider of Web3 domains. Our mission is to get every person in the world their own digital identity. This is too big of a goal to accomplish by ourselves. By integrating our digital identity technology and introducing their communities to Web3 domains, partners like Wirex are helping turn this vision into reality. 

6. What is your outlook on the future of Web3? 

The future of Web3 is bright. Every day projects are developing new Web3 technologies that improve our ownership and privacy online. While there will be ups and downs with the more speculative side of the industry, builders are steadily creating useful ways to leverage blockchain technology. 

7. Why is Unstoppable Domains excited to partner with Wirex? 

Wirex shares our goal of making Web3 as easy and useful as possible. Your non-custodial wallet was a natural match for our human-readable domains, and we know the UDfam will love this added utility for their Web3 domains. 

Find out more about how to open an Unstoppable Domain here.