We’ve partnered with Transfero to expand our app to Brazil

Region: Europe
May 3, 2023, 8:18:43 AM Published By Wirex Team
  • Wirex has partnered with Transfero to provide an on and off-ramp for Brazilian users using PIX, enabling easy access to Wirex's crypto platform 
  • Brazilian customers can now buy, hold, exchange and sell multiple cryptocurrencies, with free and instant top-up from their bank, and access innovative wealth management features like X-Accounts and Wirex Multiply 
  • Learn more about this partnership and Wirex's expansion plans in Brazil 

We’ve announced a strategic partnership with leading Brazilian blockchain solutions company, Transfero. Transfero will provide an on and off-ramp using PIX to enable over 200 million Brazilians access to our award-winning app. 

What does the partnership involve? 

We’ve integrated with Transfero’s payments infrastructure so that Brazilian customers can now use PIX to instantly top-up and withdraw from your Wirex account from their bank at no cost. In case you don’t know, PIX is a hugely popular instant Brazilian payment method. So popular, in fact, that it’s been used by over 80% of the Brazilian population at one time or another. 

With an easy way to add funds to your Wirex account, everyday Brazilian users will be able to access the benefits of the digital economy like never before.  

What can Brazilian customers access? 

Our Brazilian customers will be able to buy, hold, exchange and sell multiple cryptocurrencies, whilst growing their assets through innovative wealth management features. You’ll also access: 

  • Free and instant top-up and withdrawal from your Wirex account to your bank 
  • Fee-free exchange of 130+ cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH and DOGE, as well as popular stablecoins such as BRZ, backed by the Brazilian real and issued by Transfero 
  • X-Accounts, offering passive income of up to 20% APR interest for depositing BRZ with no monthly fees 
  • Wirex Multiply, allowing you to capitalise on market volatility through a series of loans 

Why have we decided to expand services in Brazil? 

We’ve decided to announce this during a historic moment for Brazil, who are currently hosting one of the world’s largest tech conferences, Web Summit, for the first time in South America. Not only this, but there’s been an astronomical growth in crypto adoption across Latin America as a whole, and in December 2022, Brazil legalised crypto payments in December. 

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Pavel Matveev, said: “As demand for seamless access to crypto grows, we’ve been rapidly expanding our products and reach to new countries. Transfero already have a impressive reputation within South America, so it’s great to collaborate with them to enable users to add funds with the ultimate convenience, flexibility and best-in-class experience utilising Wirex’s crypto platform in Brazil.” 

Later this year, we’ve got plans to offer our crypto-enabled debit card in Brazil, allowing customers to spend multiple currencies at over 80 million locations globally whilst earning crypto rewards!