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Common Verification Issues

If we encounter problems completing your verification, you’ll receive a message from us indicating why the verification couldn’t be completed and request that you attempt the process again. You can find a list of the most common verification issues below.

Document issues

Often, verification fails when the system has trouble recognising the uploaded Proof Of Identity (“POI”) document. This can happen when:

  • You uploaded a black & white photo of your POI document.

  • The photo is blurry, text in the photo is hard to read, or the document itself is damaged or obscured in some way. If you took a clear photo but still got a message indicating one of the above issues, it may be better to upload an alternative document.

  • You uploaded an unsupported document. What can be considered a valid POI varies by country - for example, a driver’s license might be acceptable in one country but not another. You can check which documents are accepted in each country here. Please note, the failure message will not itself indicate which documents are supported in your country. It is necessary to check the list.

  • The document has expired.

  • You entered incorrect “Document Type” information. For example, if you selected driver’s licence, but uploaded a passport, the system will not be able to process it.

  • The date-of-birth on the document doesn’t match the one in your profile.

  • The first or last name on the document doesn’t match those in your profile.

  • The MRZ code, watermarks or security measures are not readable. Please upload a clearer photo or alternative document.

  • The document is not original. It is necessary to upload a photo of an original document. If you upload a picture of a photocopy of your POI, or a photo of a scan that is displayed on a monitor, the system won’t be able to process it.

  • Your face in your selfie is significantly different than the one in your document (this can occur if you’ve recently grown a beard, for example). You may be asked to provide an alternative document in this case.

Selfie/video selfie issues

The system may be unable to process your selfie when:

  • The video selfie does not follow the instructions. Please reread the instructions carefully and try again.

  • You used filters or effects in your selfie. Please check that all filters are disabled and try again.

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