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As a regulated financial institution, occasionally we might need you provide us with additional information which will include proof of your identity, address and in some cases your source of funds or wealth. If this is your first time being asked for supporting documentation in relation to your source of funds or wealth, we want you to know this isn’t unusual and is in line with our obligations to meet all appropriate Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements. 

Upon our request for additional information, your Wirex service may be paused until your provided documentation is reviewed by a dedicated member of the Wirex team. We aim to complete these reviews within 72 hours (3 working days) of receiving your uploaded documentation, however if your review is going to take longer than usual, we’ll try our best to keep you updated and will always reach out if we need anything additional from you. 

Below are some examples of what evidence you could provide is asked about either your source of funds or wealth. Please remember that the supporting documentation must be executed either in English or be submitted along with certified translation to be accepted. You will not need to provide all of the below, just enough to confirm your source of funds or wealth. 

Documentation proving the “Salary” source: 

  1. Original or certified copy of a Payslip (or confirmation of bonus payments) for the last 3 months. 

  1. Salary Letter from Employer or HR confirming salary for employment. 

  1. If self-employed, a copy of your latest audited accounts 

  1. If self-employed, a copy of your latest company bank statement -- Company Bank Statement covering a period of the last 3 months 

Documentation proving the “Dividends / Sale of company / Company profits” source: 

  1. Certified copy of latest company accounts   

  1. Accountant’s Certificate which confirms the nature of business activity and annual turnover detailed in a letter from a regulated accountant. 

  1. Official business entity documentation where ownership is noted along with ownership by any other individuals  

  1. Certified copt of contract of Business Sale, plus bank statement showing proceeds. 

  1. Dividend Contract Note 

  1. Dividend Bank Statement -- Bank statement showing receipt of funds and name of company paying dividend. 


Documentation proving the “Fiat investments” source: 

  1. Certified Investment/Savings Certificates 

  1. Investment Bank Statements clearly showing receipt of funds and investment company name. 

  1. Signed Accountant’s Letter Detailing Funds detailing funds from a regulated accountant. 

Documentation proving the “Crypto investments” source:  

  1. Screenshot of the source wallet where the funds you are sending to Wirex originated. You can take several screenshots to highlight the crypto wallet owner as well as all the transactions made to Wirex account.  

  1.  Proof of historic cyrpto-mining activity 

Documentation proving the “Retirement income” source: 

  1. Pension Statement 

  1. Letter from a Regulated Accountant confirming expected drawdown amounts 

  1. Letter from Annuity Provider confirming your name, address, and deposit values 

  1. Retirement Income Statement -- Bank statement showing receipt of latest pension income and name of provider. 

  1. Savings Account Statement covering period of last 3 months 

Documentation proving the “Fixed deposit savings” source:  

  1. Savings Statement covering a 3 month period (Letter from account provider or first statement, confirming savings account start.) 

Documentation proving the “Rental income and/or sale of property” source: 

  1. Copy of mortgage statement 

  1. Copy of valuation of property (only when combined with proof of sale of the property) 

  1. Signed letter from Real Estate agent/Lawyer/Attorney detailing the sale price and date  

  1. Copy of solicitors/conveyancer or lawyer’s statement of completion.  

Documentation proving the “Gift / family / friends” source: 

  1. Gift Letter -- Letter from the donor’s source of funds explaining the reason for the gift and the source of donor's wealth. 

  1. Evidence of withdrawal from another bank account 

  1. Account statements and documentation identifying the gift and the indentity of the donor 

For any questions, please submit a request and our team will be more than willing to help. 

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