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Which documents do I need to submit for verification? (Asia-Pacific)

Verification confirms your personal information and residential address. This is a standard procedure that helps prevent criminals from abusing our products for fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities.

When verifying your identity or address, you need to submit a picture of a document that can confirm your identity. The document types accepted for this procedure differ depending on your country. 

Which documents can customers in the Asia-Pacific submit for verification?

Please check the list below for documents that we’re able to accept for your country:

Country Accepted documents
Australia Passport, driving licence
Bhutan Passport
Cambodia Passport
Fiji Passport, driving licence
Hong Kong Passport, national identity card*
Malaysia Passport, driving licence, national identity card
Nepal Passport
New Zealand Passport, driving licence
Philippines Passport, driving licence, national identity card*, postal identity card, social security card, voter ID
Samoa Passport
Singapore Passport, driving licence, national identity card, work permit
South Korea Passport
Taiwan Passport, residency permit
Thailand Passport, driving licence, national identity card
Tuvalu Passport

*both sides

Take a look at our guides on verifying your identity  and verifying your address. We’ve also written a guide on verifying your source of funds, in case we’ve asked you to do that.

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