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Why you need to verify your identity and how to do it

When establishing your account with Wirex, we will ask you to verify a couple of things, those being your phone number, your identity and where it’s necessary according to the applicable state legislation, - your address.  
This manual would assist you with verifying your identity. You can also check out our guide to verifying your address in case you are required to perform the procedure in question. 

What is Identity Verification? 

As a regulated institution, we are required by law to verify the identity of all our customers. This helps us keep your funds safe, and prevents criminals from using the Wirex platform for illegitimate purposes. As such, all users must get verified before they can start using all Wirex’s features. 
Identity verification is the process of submitting the photographic identification documentation to confirm the personal information you submit when establishing your Wirex account.  
Note: Due to regulatory requirements, you may be required to re-verify your documents periodically.  
How to verify identity? 
After submitting the initial personal information when setting up the account, you will then be required to complete the identity verification process.  
To complete this process, you’ll need to upload a Proof of Identity (POI) document and take a video selfie in your Wirex app.  
Please make sure you have an appropriate document with you before you get started. Your POI document should be a valid government-issued document and needs to match the personal information you provided when creating your Wirex account. After you upload your POI document you will also be asked to submit a video selfie. The process should only take a few minutes. 
Before submitting the document, please make sure that your document includes the following details: 

  • your full name 
  • your date of birth (DOB) 

  • your photo 

  • the document’s expiration or validity date 

    High-quality color images of any one of the following documents are acceptable  

  • a valid government-issued passport (the page with the machine-readable code ONLY); 

  • a valid government-issued identity card (both sides); 

  • a valid government-issued driver's license (both sides); 

  • for non-resident aliens: a work permit, a resident card. 

Your documents must be in English. 


How to upload your POI document 
To upload your POI document and verify your Wirex account, please follow these steps: 

1. When it's time to verify your identity, you will be automatically redirected from the Dashboard to the Verify your Identity screen. You can also start the verification in Preferences > Profile. 


2. Tap Verify Identity. 

3. You’ll be asked to upload your POI document now. Select which document you would like to upload. 

4. Take a photo of the document, following the on-screen instructions. Make sure that the image of your document is not blurred, does not show any glare and is not cropped, so that all details are clearly readable. 
5. If you need to retake the photo, tap Take a new picture. Once you are sure that the picture of your POI is clear and fully readable, tap My Document Is Readable to submit the image.