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What can cryptocurrency technology give us?

Blockchain has become the word du jour – but if you think it relates to a marathon run of Tetris, think again. Blockchain is the tech that underpins cryptocurrencies, and very clever it is too – so clever in fact, that utilising it to its full potential could change the way we manage society in the future…. View Article

Why market cap is more important than price

The dollar price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gets a lot of attention and scrutiny. But surprisingly, the price of a digital currency isn’t the best way to assess its value – the market cap is far more important. Here’s why you should focus on that. What does market cap mean? In its regular usage,… View Article

is bitcoin only for drug dealers?
Is Bitcoin only for drug dealers?

If you’ve heard about Bitcoin, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the links between cryptocurrencies and illegal activities. The media loves to report stories of drug kingpins, and the damning criticisms of people in the financial industry. For those with nothing to hide, it may seem too risky to get involved. Let’s take a look at the… View Article

convince people to buy bitcoin
How to convince your partner, mum & friends to buy Bitcoin

If you’re an enthusiastic advocate for Bitcoin, you’ve no doubt tried to convince at least one person to get involved- probably with limited success. If you’re looking to explain the value of investing in Bitcoin to the crypto-skeptic in your life, here are four useful pointers. Explain, don’t force Start by keeping things simple. If you go… View Article

bitcoin anonymous
Isn’t Bitcoin supposed to be anonymous?

One of the most commonly touted benefits of Bitcoin is anonymity. Many people prefer their transactions to not be linked to their names for political or philosophical reasons. Others do so for the sake of their privacy, such as when making an anonymous donation to a charity. Yet law enforcement around the world is steadily… View Article

Do you need to buy a whole bitcoin?
Do you need to buy a whole Bitcoin?

If you didn’t get into Bitcoin in the early stages, it might seem like it’s too late now. Prices are soaring to intimidating levels and few of us have thousands of pounds sitting around to spend on a whole Bitcoin. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a whole Bitcoin or… View Article

Bitcoin is not a scam
Bitcoin newbies: Bitcoin is seriously not a scam

So, you’re new to Bitcoin and you’ve heard a lot of conflicting opinions. You’ve heard some people say cryptocurrencies are the future. You’ve heard others say Bitcoin is a scam or a Ponzi scheme. What’s the truth? Is Bitcoin a scam? Firstly, what exactly is a scam? While common for people to use the word… View Article

Piggy-bank being smashed with hammer
A brief lesson on money

You know that thing everyone is chasing these days? The thing that everyone has stuffed inside wallets or in magical plastic cards? Everyone wants a lot of it. No one can live without it. We’re talking about money. Have you ever wondered what makes a thin piece of paper (or plastic in some places) more valuable than… View Article

bitcoin discussion
Everyone’s talking about Bitcoin: how to join the discussion

Everyone – news outlets, politicians, prominent figures in the financial industry, your grandma – seems to be talking about Bitcoin at the moment. Maybe your family discussed it over Christmas dinner, or you’ve seen friends chattering about it on Facebook. Cryptocurrencies are steadily becoming mainstream, as growing numbers of people understand and use them. Some… View Article