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The 8 Rules of Bitcoin Club

Based on the popular movie ‘Fight Club’ starring Brad Pitt, we thought it would be fun to introduce the rules for the Bitcoin Club. 1st RULE: You own at least SOME bitcoin at all times. 2nd RULE: You own at least some bitcoin at ALL times. 3rd RULE: Only sell bitcoin because you want to… View Article

Cryptogression, Life Obsession & Personal Confession

“OMG YOLO” said the Millennial. “Waaaasup” said the Toad. But then…”HODL”, said my colleagues… Several Months Earlier…the journey begins It’s my first day at Wirex as the new CRM Campaign manager. Let’s be clear, at this point I knew that Bitcoin existed, and this is where my knowledge ended. In my first few weeks, my focus was… View Article

8 Fun facts about Bitcoin

Still need convincing that bitcoin is the best thing since pizza? These 8 fun facts are sure to do the trick ? Disclaimer: We reserve the right for these facts to only be [half truths/opinions] ? 1. Golden Toppings… The first official purchase using Bitcoin was for Papa John’s Pizza in 2010. Laszlo Hanyecz paid… View Article

Bribed accountant to buy bitcoin
Why I bribed the accountant to buy Bitcoin (true story)

Here at Wirex HQ we talk about bitcoin a lot… The security issues… The long-term investment potential… Even the daily price action… “Oh wow did you see that?! — BTC price just shot up… again!” We do get work done too. But I was a bitcoin enthusiast way before I joined Wirex. It’s WHY I… View Article

9 types of Wirex users
9 types of Wirex customers and why they use our services

Here are 9 lifestyle situations that are bringing people all over the world to use Wirex for mobile banking, prepaid debit cards, and bitcoin exchange. Which one (or more) do you fit into? 1. Investors in Bitcoin Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency investors use to diversify their investment portfolio. They can hold bitcoin in… View Article

6 things you should know about Wirex

Who are we? What do we do? What do we offer as a FinTech startup? If you are new to our services, welcome! Here is an overview of Wirex, in an easy, 3-minute read. 1. Wirex was previously E-Coin. We launched Wirex in February 2016, but prior to that, we were known as E-Coin, the successful… View Article