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The big EOS freeze

Less than 48hrs after its launch, the EOS blockchain froze. The cause of the freeze was resolved within a few hours of being reported. However, this momentary hiccough was sufficient to spark another emotional debate about security in the crypto arena. EOS blockchain was set up to rival Ethereum. It boasted BPs (block producers) to… View Article

What’s the difference between an IPO and an ICO?

ICOs have exploded in popularity over the last year. If you’re wondering how they compare to traditional IPOs, here’s a primer. What is an IPO? An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the first public sale of a private company’s shares. Companies need to be large before its worth holding an IPO, although there’s no size… View Article

How to spot a fake ICO
Dummies guide to picking ICO scams

2017 saw the introduction of many new cryptocurrencies join the market. We have no doubt that 2018 will be the same. We’ve put a quick guide together to help you avoid the scams. The recent craze of Initial coin offerings(ICOs) promising exponential returns on top of great blockchain solutions have proven hard to resist for investors… View Article

ICO event 2017
Interviews from Wirex at the ICO event London

Raphael our Wirex Community manager attended the ICO event in London last week; for the Crypto Enthusiast community. Check out his interviews from the event below, and get some amazing information on some new ICO’s and more! ‘Wirex urges all viewers to conduct their own due diligence. This content is published for educational purposes only…. View Article

DigiPulse ICO: First Digital Inheritance Service To Launch A Token Sale ICO

It goes without saying that the topic of ‘death’ is a morbid one. Until immortality services are available, we do have to make considerations. Enter DigiPulse with the subject of crypto inheritance. Usually considered in later stages of life, your ‘last will and testament’ for hard-earned assets is not so easy to arrange with all… View Article

rivets ico
Rivetz ICO: crypto investment opportunity in Rivetz RvT token sale

How seriously do you take your privacy? As technology advances the risks of identity theft or password hacks is increasing. Your mobile device carries more personal information about you than you might expect. From browsing behaviour to financial records. Thieves care about that just as insurance companies do. Protecting your personal information, device data, financial… View Article

Propy ICO
Propy ICO: crypto investment opportunity in global property store with decentralised title registry

Until now, property investment has focused on a limited number of locations. However: Some people in ‘good locations’ lose out due to various forms of corruption with legal title ownership of the land. Property deal scams where land is sold to one owner with fake title deeds… or people in rural areas with multi-generational families… View Article

FoodCoin ICO
FoodCoin ICO: crypto investment opportunity in the food & agriculture industry with FoodCoin

This one is close to my heart… Food! Well… ok… closer to my belly. Jokes aside… Everybody needs to eat and more people are realising that chemical-saturated genetically modified food substances are low-quality and bland at best, potentially damaging to our health and planet at worst. Plus: Food is becoming ever more expensive due to… View Article

Spectiv ICO
Spectiv ICO: crypto investment opportunity in Virtual Reality

Here comes the YouTube of Virtual Reality… What is Spectiv? Spectiv is “a dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to support a network for virtual reality adoption.” Ermm… ‘blockchain integrated attention markets”… what does that mean? More on that later… When is Spectiv’s ICO? Really soon! Monday 14th August 2017 according… View Article