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Doomsday Oct 15 – Will My Wirex Card Still Work Outside the EU?

The looming fate of payment cards has the cryptocurrency community worried… And fair enough… We’ve noticed the rise in the level of panic surrounding the EU Ban as October 14 draws closer. Everyone is worried they won’t be able to use their cards to spend their bitcoin and there doesn’t seem to be an imminent… View Article

Where can you shop with the Wirex Card?

The Wirex card is not an ordinary financial tool. Unlike traditional payment cards, you don’t have to travel to banks (you don’t even need a bank account!) and your money can be accessed anywhere in the world. Imagine travelling anywhere without making additional trips to currency exchanges or informing banks in advance! After topping up… View Article

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Update: Get Up to 6 Wirex Cards (Instead of 3)!

We are pleased to inform you that users can now order up to six cards from Wirex, instead of the previous three! This article explains the update in detail. Now: Get 2 Wirex cards PER currency Previously, you could only order one card per currency. This meant you had to select either virtual or plastic… View Article

travelling with bitcoins
Everything You Need to Know About Travelling with Bitcoins

Every day, more people travel with bitcoins. There are big advantages to including bitcoins in your travel plans. For example, it is safer to carry bitcoins than to carry cash, especially if you bring a large amount of money or if you’re travelling to a country with higher crime rates. Bitcoin is easy to exchange… View Article

How to Redeem a Free Virtual Card from the Wirex App

Now everyone can own a virtual card through the Wirex App, for free! That’s right, we’re giving away payment cards worth $3 from our mobile app. This article explains how you can redeem one. Note: This giveaway applies to new and existing Wirex accounts with no existing cards. The first card is free and subsequent… View Article

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11 Advantages of Wirex Virtual Visa Card

In this day and age, there is very little you cannot purchase online. You can order everything from games to groceries to gadgets and have it delivered right to your doorstep. You can also enjoy the added benefit of price transparency — easily pick the retailer that offers the cheapest prices. Many online retailers accept… View Article

How to Get a Wirex Card (From Both Desktop and Wirex App)

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a Wirex card from Wirex platforms (desktop, app).